Air Handler


Featured Brands:  Amana, Carrier, Trane

Air Handlers are also referred to as electric furnaces or fan/coil units.  The major difference between a furnace and an air handler is that the furnace uses gas and the air handler is totally electric.  Your air handler unit (AHU) is a major appliance of your “split” heating, ventilation and air conditioning (hvac) system.  In residential applications, an air handler is used for forced air distribution of central air conditioning. The common air handler is a cabinet with a blower, controls, and houses the air conditioning evaporator coil.  AHU’s can be fitted with filter racks, air cleaners, humidifiers, ultra-violet lights, sound attenuators, zone systems, dampers, electric heat strips, breakers, heating controls and more.

When replacing your air handler, Great works recommends choosing at least a 16 SEER rating.  The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit, and the more energy  and utility savings is available. The minimum SEER currently allowed is 13.

Great Works Heating & Air Company offers you the best selection of quality, dependable and efficient air handlers, each backed by an industry-leading warranty.  Call today and let Great Works provide the best options for your home.