Heat Pump

Featured Brands:  Amana, Carrier and Trane

A Heat Pump is exactly like an air conditioner, except for one little technology change. When a Heat Pump is cooling, it is an Air Conditioner. But, the Heat Pump can do something that an Air Conditioner cannot. When the temperatures outside start to drop, and heat is needed in your home instead of cooling, a Heat Pump will reverse the flow of refrigeration and instead of removing heat from the home, will capture the heat that exists in the cooler outdoor air and use that heat to warm your home.

When the outside temperature drops and you no longer have the need for cooling and your home starts to cool down and you need to call for heat, a heat pump has the ability to utilize the heat that exists in the outside air that is above freezing. An example: if the outside temperature is 45 degrees, there is actually 13 degrees of heat that the Heat Pump can convert into usable heat for your home. At 45 degrees outside, the Heat Pump is able to take that 13 degrees and warm your 60 degree home up to 73 degrees.

To get a very precise determination of your home’s heating and cooling needs requires using a complex set of formulas that take into account far more than just the square footage of your home. Great Works uses an industry standard called a Manual J to size any air conditioner or heat pump. We take into account the home’s square footage, the layout including number of levels, the type and number of windows, the quality of the home’s insulation, the roofing and siding materials, and of course, the climate of the area. The purpose of the analysis is to determine the load calculation of your home – another way of saying, the size heat pump it needs.

Great Works Heating & Air Company offers you the greatest selection of quality, dependable and  high-efficient heat pump systems. Every system is backed by an industry-leading warranty.